It could be seem easy, but it is not. It is not because it does not reduce to be and play. There is a whole huge world around the quartet, and when we say immense, it is literally.

Looking back and reliving our beginnings, the first concerts, trips, courses, classes, recordings, good times and not so good lived together, make us feel that we have “raised” a wonderful project: Púrpura Pansa.

There is one thing that is clear, we will never thank our families enough: Parents, Mothers, Couples, Children … and those who are on the way. They are the fundamental support without which we could not be where we are today.

It is time to also thank all those people who have helped us to make this event possible. To colleagues Antonio Pedrero, Alex Carreras and Jordi Fuster. To our teachers, friends and classmates Juan Serra, Johan van der Linden, David Martínez, Spanish Brass, David Romero, David Pons, Antonio Garcia, Manuel J. Corbacho, Juan Enrique Fernández, Andrés Valero, Instrumentomania, D’Addario, Juan Lahuerta, Naira Rodrigo , Nicolás Romero, Maria Jose Peris, José Doménech, Diego Mir, Marta Chiner, Carlos Montesinos, Daniel Binelli, Polly Ferman, Maribel Hidalgo, Pablo Torrella, Atelier de Celia, Bag ‘s, Winds Bamboo, Alvent Workshop or Silverstein Works. Also to all the people who with their assistance give us life concert after concert. Surely we forget someone very much to our regret, but we hope he can forgive us.

Thank you for these 10 years and for many more!

Púrpura Pansa.

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