Javier Teruel


Héctor Andrés


Juanlu Gozálvez


Manuel Romero

In a large part of pre-Columbian cultures, like the Mayan or the Aztec, the snail had a large symbolism. Its shell cut in section, showing the spiral, was used as a voice transmitter of the gods to the people, as it was hanging on the priests’ chest. 

“Shells of the living waters, spiral that serve the heart.

Breath that goes to the enigmatic spiral and becomes sound vibration,

wind music, calling to the wake-up”


PÚRPURA PANSA is, apart from the name of one of the most renowned see snails, the name of one of the best groups of chamber music at that moment.

The saxophone quartet is incredibly dynamic in their concerts, characterized for an amazing live capable of connecting with all kind of audience instantly. They work an attractive repertoire which with great quality they get surprise in all their shows.

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